I work remotely from two locations in North Yorkshire.

Location one

A studio at The Gallery in Malton.

The Gallery is a light-filled creative space stocking artwork from local Yorkshire-based artists, illustrators, ceramicists, sculptors and makers.

My wife (a textile designer and illustrator) owns The Gallery and we collaborate on creative projects whenever possible.

Photography by Anoif Photography

Location two

My home studio in Pickering.

I also work from my converted basement studio. I've filled the studio with an inspiring collection of books, artwork, designer toys, vintage cameras and vinyl records.

(Buster,my black lab, can often be found dozing on the studio sofa).


I studied Graphic Design in London and have strong ties with the city.

I'm often in London meeting family and friends, attending events and catching up with the Regency* team.

*I'm Head of Design at Regency Creative.


I became an Independent Designer in 2013.

Becoming independent provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leading design studios in the UK and abroad.

Working with teams in diverse locations across a varied range of projects enabled me to refine my design skills and establish myself as a reliable 'remote worker'.

I genuinely loved working with all the agencies and direct clients that I built up over the years (many of whom can be found in my portfolio).

In 2019 I decided to work exclusively for two clients (with occasional freelance projects on the side).

Regency Creative

Regency is a London-based full service creative agency specialising in web design, branding and print.

I've worked with Regency for 5+ years and am currently Head of Design - a role in which I create all design related output for Regency and their desirable client list.

Over the years I've worked on projects for 100's of clients including: UCL, UAL, BP, Dyson, Stonewall, SYSTEMIQ, City of Westminster and Dropbox.

Regency portfolio


Hoopy is a developer relations and experience consultancy based in Shropshire.

I've collaborated with Hoopy for 5+ years as Design Lead. I created and manage Hoopy's brand identity and also design and develop all assets for their worldwide DevRelCon events (eg. DevRelCon San Francisco 2020).

Hoopy's client list includes leading finance institutions and prominent global tech companies.

Hoopy portfolio

Side hustle

In 2009 I launched a printed illustration publication - Ammo Magazine

I've always had a love for printed magazines, books and illustration (both vector and hand drawn).

As an amatuer illustrator I'd always been drawn to illustration and facinated by the fact that artists could make a living from drawing.

At the time I was working in a design job that paid the bills but offered few creative opportunities. I decided to design and launch a side project - a small publication that focused on illustration.

Ammo Magazine was born...


I printed 10 issues of Ammo Magazine, 2 special editions, 1 pack of playing cards and organised events* in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Ammo Magazine was an exciting project to work on. Lack of time and engaging freelance work meant that I didn't have time to focus on the publication any longer. I hope to launch another publication at some point in the future.

*often with my good friends at Inkygoodness

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