David Hughes
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Whether it's single-page flyers, multi-page marketing brochures, art magazines, or in-depth reports spanning hundreds of pages with accompanying executive summaries, appendices, translations, and exhibits, I feel comfortable taking on all types of print work.

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Branding assignments are particularly satisfying for a designer. Determining a brand's style, feel, and tone based on research, objectives, and teamwork is incredibly fulfilling. It's also great to be involved in rolling out the branding across digital platforms and on print materials. I enjoy creating new logos as well as iterating on existing designs.

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I've created materials for conferences, awards ceremonies, and trade shows. I can supply anything an event could need, from lanyards to stage design to speaker cards that can be shared online. Additionally, I've designed and built numerous websites for events.

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I can create custom illustrations and adapt my style to fit a project. My illustrations are vector-based, which means they can be scaled without loss in quality. Vectors are excellent for print and digital output. I can also develop unique icon sets and graphic assets.
Currently I'm...
Visual Designer at GitBook
Remote - full-time
I'm a member of the design/marketing team at GitBook. I focus on visual and marketing output for the brand.

It's an incredible company to work for - driven by an extra friendly, talented group of people with a top-notch product. You should consider using GitBook for all your documentation needs! ✌️
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